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Kathryn is an experienced music and harp teacher with a Masters in Music Education from Samford University. She has taught, preschool, elementary, middle, and high school students in addition to adults in varying capacities. Teaching music literacy, musicality, and harp technique, harp lessons offer students an outlet to learn an instrument and express themselves in a new and exciting way.  Lessons are offered with flexibility to match your schedule.

Kathryn also offers group harp ensemble lessons with small lap harps as she has developed a young harpists’ ensemble method following the principles of the Orff Shulwork methodology, allowing young students to have experience on an instrument they might not ever have had the opportunity otherwise. With the use of small lap harps, Kathryn has traveled to schools and churches to bring the harp to students who receive no-pressure lessons in harp technique and ensemble playing through the use of fun and accessible folk songs allowing students to practice the concept of beat, pitch, and rhythm in new and meaningful ways.

As a private harp teacher, Kathryn teaches students wishing to learn both the pedal and the lever harps. Lessons emphasize a systematic approach to learning harp technique, beat, rhythm, and pitch simultaneously, developing a student as both a harpist and musician. 

Contact Kathryn for opportunities for private harp lessons or to have group harp ensemble lessons at your church or school.

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